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Calvary Holiness Outreach Ministries is an on-going Independent Pentecostal Holiness Missionary Outreach that was founded in 2006 by the Rev. Greg Harmon. 

Our Goal and Vision is to reach the lost souls of Peru with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to minister to the needs of the Peruvian people. This is accomplished by going from village to village and Province to Province proclaiming the Gospel! 

We are currently working the mid-western and central areas of Peru. We have made trips to Trujillo, Lima, and Huancayo. We are planning trips to Huancavelica and Pisco in the near future.
We are a non-profit Ministry relying on God and the good will of supporters to meet our needs.  As we always say, Prayers are desired and Donations are welcome but both are God rewarded. We hope that you would prayerfully consider being a supporter of this Ministry. Christ Blessings, Rev. Greg Harmon Founder/Director CHOM
Calvary Holiness Outreach Ministries
"Fulfilling God's Work In Peru . . . One Soul At A Time"
Rev. Greg & Denise Harmon
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Speaker: Rev. Greg Harmon
Music: Amazing Grace by  Instrumental Inspirations
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Scriptures: King James Version
Designed by Denise Harmon